How To Make Your own eco friendly packaging.

After a trip to the market do you ever wonder what do do with those old paper grocery bags? Time and time again we find ourselves with the dilemma of whether or not to throw them away or recycle them. Here are some money saving and eco-friendly ways to reuse your bags and boxes.

What you’ll need: 

  1. Used paper grocery bags/ used boxes
  2. Hot Glue Gun/ glue sticks
  3. Old newspaper, magazines, or any used paper
  4. Pencil and scissors (regular and decorative)
  5. Ruler and thick poster board or heavy paper ( for your patterns)
  6. Optional: Stamps and other decorative items

Steps for the Envelope:

  1. Draft a pattern on a heavy paper to the size you would like your packaging to be. Add 1/2 – 3/4 of and inch on the side where the opening will be. 2. Cut the bottom of the bag off so it can lie flat. ( if bags have handles remove and set aside) Now you can trace your pattern. Trace the same pattern four times leaving you with four pieces. (Depending on the size of your envelop, you might require more than one bag.) Now cut them out.

3. After you have your four pieces cut out it is time to glue. Take two of the four   pieces and with your hot glue gun, glue along the edges on three sides leaving one side open. Do the same for the other two pieces. If the bags have any words or logos on them, make sure you glue them face to face so it doesn’t show.

4. Using the paper bag clippings , old newspaper, magazines, and any other used paper, stuff in the opening of your glued pieces. (Be careful not to over stuff.) Once your pieces are filled glue up the opening.

5. Now you should have two stuffed pieces. Again glue the edges together on three sides leaving an opening where the 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch was added in step one. On the open side cut off 1/2 to 3/4 on one side creating a flap to seal.

6. Using the decorative scissors of your choice carefully cut close to the edges to get a finished look.

7. Decorate your package with stamps or other reusable items. * Try getting creative and experiment with different patterns and shapes.

Steps for the Boxes:

  1. Daft a pattern on thick poster board or a heavy paper. Different patterns can be found online through various sites. The examples here are a hexagonal tube box and a pyramid box.
  2. Take your box and disassemble it so it will lie flat. Then trace your pattern making sure to draw on the sides with any logos or words. Then very carefully with your exacto knife cut your pattern out.
  3. With your glue gun, glue either a square piece of grocery paper or magazine clipping to the cut out pattern.  Cut any excess away. (Example shows grocery paper.) 
  4. Glue the box together according to you pattern, making sure to leave an opening to put your items in. 
  5. Decorate your box with stamps or other reusable items. * Get creative and try mixed mediums.

These envelopes and boxes are a great idea for mailing or gift packaging, saving money and our planet. Make it a family project and most importantly have fun with it!!


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