Design with Thought…


"Tree of Life"

The word design really has no true definition. It seems that for each of us, the word “design” has personal meaning; whether it’s fashion, architecture, or home décor. The desire to create something that is not only functional, but also beautiful exists in every designer.

When creating a design for a shirt, a great deal of thought is used. Besides choosing the colors and design elements, it’s the message of the design that is most important. Over the years garments, mostly t shirts, have become billboards for the body. Some shirts are advertisements for businesses, some tell jokes, and some make a political statement. Regardless of which shirt one might choose to wear, each is a moving canvas and says a lot about the person inside it. We are utilizing these new found canvases to “paint” our message for all to see.

Rare Tee uses only images to create its message. We want to show everyone that each animal species on earth is wonderful and unique in its own right……no words are necessary. We want you to see the beauty of every animal, even in the most urban cities where we tend to forget these wonderful creatures even exist. So that everyone is reminded that each species has the right to survive, live well, and to be treated with care and respect.



“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”



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