Rare Tee Goes to Animal Acres

Lunch time for the goats and sheep

Last weekend we took a trip to Animal Acres. This lovely sanctuary is nestled in the canyons in Acton, CA. Just located an hour outside of Los Angeles, makes Animal Acres the perfect day trip! The sanctuary is a refuge for rescued farm animals. Since founded by Lorri Houston, Animal Acres has saved thousands of animals from unimaginable cruelties.  Pigs, cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, and ducks all greet you when visiting the farm. They offer tours to the public every Sunday at 11:00am and 1:00pm. Every Saturday of the month is volunteer day staring at 10:00am, with the next one on Feb. 5th. (We Will Be There!)

Our tour started with the piggies. Most of them were napping since it was the afternoon, but we were happy  to capture these precious giants in their slumber. The tour guides will explain to visitors where all their rescued friends come from, and are more than happy to answer any questions you have.  Most of their pigs are rescued from 4-H projects or gestation crates, but are full of personality and a little sassy too!

Feeding a Turkey

Next stop on our tour was the courtyard, where the chickens, turkeys, and ducks explore the grounds looking for snacks and and soak up some sun.The turkeys seemed to be a little more shy than the other birds, but we they weren’t too shy to snatch a piece of lettuce out of our hands! These shy and sensitive little guys would have been someones Thanksgiving dinner if it weren’t for the sanctuary.


After leaving the courtyard we headed over to where the horses stay. Some of them were so eager to say hi, they stuck heads right over the fence as we approached them. They loved a good head scratching!  A couple of the horses were rescued from private butchers and slaughter, (even though it is illegal in the US to slaughter a horse for meat) while others were neglected and left to starve. Thanks to Animals Acres they can now  run freely and continue to enjoy greeting visitors.

Punky Doodle

The cows were next. This was probably the most informative part of the tour. This is were you learn that different cows are bred for different things. There is beef cattle. (bred to be thick and stalky  to be slaughtered for food) There are dairy cows. (bred to be tall so the miking machines can fit under them, and forced to be pregnant to keep producing milk. )  At Animal Acres these rescued cows can live out their days munching on straw and lying on the cool grass.

Smile for the camera!

Last, but most certainly not least on the tour were the goats and sheep. Animals Acres is home to quite a few rescued goats and sheep, and they are full of personality! Some were more shy then others, but they were all curious. Some of the goats were rescued from slaughter, and some sheep were rescued from the hidden horrors of the wool industry. They love to have their ears scratched and loved to be hugged. A couple of the pygmy goats were so cuddly they didn’t want us to leave!

Snuggle time

They except donations after the tour and you can visit their gift shop that has cute t-shirts and other cruelty free items.  For $25 you can become a member for a year and get to tour the sanctuary any Sunday for free! Rare Tee wants to give a HUGE Thank You to Animals Acres and all its volunteers for welcoming us. Thank You for your  continuing efforts to rescue helpless animals and educating the public on how important EVERY life is.  Animal Acres teaches us that every animal is an individual with the right to live!


For more information check out their site!


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