Political unrest in Egypt. Animals in crisis.



Photo from Care2

In the past few weeks the TVs, newspapers, and the internet have been flooded with coverage of the protests in Egypt. The media has made the situation its headline story almost every evening this month.  But amongst all of the chaos we have heard little about Egypt’s other citizens…the animals.


Photo from Desert Living

Egypt’s animals are in crisis and  in dire need of help. Egyptian Society of Mercy to Animals seems to be the only source of up to date information on the conditions of non human animals in Egypt. ESMA is also the only organization in Egypt working hard to help rescue these animals and continue to care for the ones already in their shelter. The IFAW is helping Egyptian Society of Mercy to Animals by setting up a relief fund on their website.  According to ESMA an estimated 3,000 horses used to carry tourist to see the pyramids are starving and have been abandon. When the protests started, tourism stopped. Being their only source of income, they can not afford to feed them. Some owners couldn’t even reach the stables because roads were blocked during demonstrations. Street dogs and cats  being gassed alongside protesters.  People fleeing their homes leaving their animals behind in a panic. Some pet shops were closed for days with helpless animals inside.  Animals in zoos such as donkey’s and camels have been left alone to starve.  Egyptian Society of Mercy to Animals desperately needs help. If you would like to help you can donate here. Anything helps because ESMA operates solely on donations.  They are also in need of supplies at their shelter. Here is the list they provided for shelter items needed. They have a Facebook page where you can get the up to date info on the situation in Egypt. We wish all of Egypt’s citizens, human and non human, to be safe.


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