Rare Tee will participate in Febuary’s Downtown Art Park!

The Downtown Art Park is put on by Citizen LA and is located at the corner of 4th and main in downtown Los Angeles. This event takes place every second Thursday of the month. Downtown Art Park is complied of artists, live music, performers, vendors, designers, food, and tons of shopping.  The Art Park brings an estimated 20,00 people each month. It is free to the public and is definitely a must for any local, tourist, or passerby. Starting at 3pm and ending at 10pm, this event is a hip and fun way to spend a Thursday evening in LA.


Rare Tee will be at the next Downtown Art Park on Feb. 10th. We will have booth on the lower courtyard across form the seating area. We will of course be offering our Endangered tees, but at a $10 OFF discount!!! We will be introducing our tote bags and some pieces of jewelry. Come find us and check out some of our new products! Again, for every item purchased we will give $1 to Animal Welfare! Be Kind To Our Animal Friends!!



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