Mississippi Floods: Animals Seeking Higher Ground.

This spring has brought devastating floods to areas along the Mississippi river. Many families have been displaced and homes have been destroyed. , but the people are not the only ones feeling the effects of the rising waters. Wildlife and domesticated animals have also been displaced and sadly many have perished.

Photo from Reuters

       Here a snake swims through the flood waters in Holly Grove, Arkansas. Snakes can be a problem during flooding because they search for shelter in homes and sheds.  Most people who come in contact with snakes will just simply  destroy them, so the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is advising anyone who encounters a snake to wait it out or call to have it rescued

Photo from Reuters

     These cows are looking for higher ground as they trudge through the flood waters near Turner, Arkansas.  Wildlife has also needed rescuing such as deer, coyotes, and other ground animals. The wild turkeys have particularly had it the worst because this time of year they are nesting.  Most of them will be displaced or lost meaning countless new birds may not survive.

      Hundreds of cats and dogs have also needed rescue assistance. The HSUS has announced it will have a temporary shelter for up to 300 displaced and lost animals.

Here is how you can help flood victims, both humans and animals:

Help People through Red Cross

Help Animals through HSUS

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