Make Your Own Braided Belt: Eco Friendly and Fashionable

    Do you despise throwing away those old and outdated t-shirts? I know I do…so it’s time to recycle them! Braided belts are easy to make and fun to wear. Below are the instructions for you to make your own!

Things you’ll Need:

  • An old t-shirt
  • A pair of scissors
  • miscellaneous items (buttons, beads, charms, etc.)optional

Step 1: Lay the shirt down on a flat surface. Smooth out the wrinkles as much as possible. Cut three strips (about 1″ 1/2) from the bottom of the shirt to the shoulder. (Make sure you cut in between the shoulder seam and the neck seam. It will give you the maximum amount of fabric.)Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Step2: Open the three strips of fabric, they should be twice the length with a seam in the middle. Take the three pieces and tie them into a single knot. Secure the end with a knot to a surface so you can have both hands to braid. Braid the pieces all the way to end and tie a single knot to finish.

Step 3: (optional) Now you can decorate your belt. I used some extra beads and charms  I had. I made fabric flowers with the scraps and put a button in the middle.

Use the rest of the shirt to make braided headbands. Make a few different kinds and give to friends. Get creative and bring out the fashionista in you!


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