10 Reasons Why To Always Adopt and Never Buy.

Who doesn’t love a cute  animal? They are  adorable and thirty-nine percent of Americans consider them part of the family. But what a lot of people don’t know is how important it is to consider the source of where your animal companion comes from. Here are 10 reasons why you should always adopt an animal instead of buying one.


1. First and most importantly you will be saving a life. A life that would have otherwise been destroyed. Between 3 and 4 million dogs and cats are killed each year in shelters across America. More than half are owner surrenders. Only nineteen percent of Americans have adopted from shelters.

2. Your animal companion will be healthy. Most shelters and adoption organization give the animals  thorough exams and vaccinations. Most are spayed and neutered before being adopted, so shelters are packed with healthy animals waiting to find a loving home.  Many are screened for behavior and temperament  to find the perfect family for them.

3. It will make you feel great! Knowing that you saved a life will put a smile on your face. Shelter animals have an extraordinary appreciation for life and are sure to be your best friend for years to come.

4. You won’t be supporting puppy mills, pet stores, or breeders. Puppy mills are ghastly factory style facilities that always put profits above the welfare of the animals. Puppies are stacked on top of each other in small and poorly constructed cages. The breeding dogs are kept in a cage to give birth over and over again for years with no hope of finding a loving home. Once the animal can no longer give birth they are discarded by being abandon, killed, or auctioned off. Puppy Mills sell the animals to pet stores, over the internet, and in newspaper ads. They will sell a puppy to whoever is willing to pay for it and most buyers never see the conditions their puppy come from. Many puppies have behavioral  and health issues. Some issues won’t become apparent until later and can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills. Most people don’t know they are supporting an extremely cruel industry by purchasing an animal from a pet store, over the internet, or from a breeder.

5. By adopting you will decrease the demand to buy animals from pet stores and breeders. Most people have the insatiable desire to purchase a pure bred simply based on the misunderstanding that you can’t find a good dog at a shelter. There is a variety of dogs of all ages and sizes and some that are pure bred in shelters everywhere.


6. When it comes to exotic animals, it is advised to steer clear. Although, if you have the time and care for one of these animals there are adoption organizations for specific species. Wild exotic animals are hard to care for and need special attention. They need very specific diets, a controlled climate, and miles to roam which very few households can provide.

7. Owning an exotic pet is harmful to the animal. Stress, malnutrition, trauma, and behavioral disorders are all common in exotic animals kept as pets. Medical care can be extremely difficult, it is not easy to find a vet that will treat an exotic animal.

8. When people purchase an exotic animal, more often than not, they have no idea what they are getting into. Soon most realize that it is near impossible to meet the animals needs or they start to realize the cruelty of holding a wild animal captive. Faced with very few options the owners will often set the animal free. That animal can spread disease and kill the native wildlife or free roaming pets which disrupts the ecosystem. They are also very vulnerable because they are not in their natural habitat. It cost taxpayers large amounts of money to recapture or have an animal seized.

9. Most exotic pet owners do not think twice about where the animal may have come from. It is extremely difficult to breed most exotic animals in captivity. Even experts don’t understand what these animals need to survive. Most exotic animals are stolen from their native land and families. Pet trade is modern-day slavery, and the reason to blame for many species becoming endangered and threatened.

10. Be a part of the solution by not supporting pet trade. It is highly advised to avoid owning exotic animals. It is stressful for both animal and human.

I hope this information was helpful when choosing your next member of the family! Most importantly be kind to our animal friends!

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