We are having a SALE!!

All adult endangered tees are now $25 or less!!

All children endangered tees are now $15!

Come Check us out and get a Rare Tee today!

North American Honey Bee Tee: Mens sizes S-XL $25


Panther Chameleon Tee: Mens Sizes S-XL $25

Elephant V-Neck: Mens Sizes S-XL $16


Bat V-Neck Tee: Mens Sizes S-XL $18


Philippine Tarsier Tee: Womens Sizes S-L $25


Hummingbird Tee: Womens Sizes S-L $16


Hawaiian Monk Seal Tank: Womens Sizes S-M $18


Bamboo Panda Tank: Womens Size S-L $25


Amur Leopard Tee:Childrens Sizes 2/3- 4/5 $15

Orangutan Tee:Childrens Sizes 2/3- 4/5 $15


Get Your Rare Tee Here!





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