The Journey of a T shirt: Patterns


Believe it or not, all garments start out as a sheet of paper. Well… maybe there is a little more to it than that. In fact, patterns are possibly the most important step to making a nice fitting garment. Requiring a good amount of math and some trial and error, patterns can sometimes be a lengthy step during the production process. Luckily I know a good pattern maker. I call her Mom.

One big change that is coming with the new line of tees is the shape and fit. Not only do we want to convey an animal rights message in our shirts, but we want them to feel amazingly comfortable as well. We focused particularly on the women’s shirt, as we feel it was being ignored and looked suspiciously like our men’s cut. This is where the importance of pattern making comes in and making sure the information on the patterns are correct. Like a blue print for clothes, patterns tell both cutter and sewer how the garment is to be made. Our new patterns have been completed, and now it is time for the next stop in the journey of a t-shirt.

COMING SOON: Journey of a t-shirt: Grading and Marking

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