LA Vegan Eats Vol. 1

Living in LA as a vegan is awesome! This place is a mecca for great vegan restaurants and tasty options. I love trying new places and food so here are some of my finds!

The Chicken Run Ranch Burger at Native Foods…Yummy!

” I AM CELEBRATING” Yep that’s the name of this dish from Cafe Gratitude. It’s a raw coconut and zucchini ceviche. Delicious!

This is the BBQ Tempeh Burger from Seed Kitchen in Venice. I go to Seed just to get this. Could be the best burger I’ve tasted! It was named a top 10 burger in the LA Times and I certainly know why! 🙂

Vegan Miso Ramen from Fresh In The Box. This little restaurant has many veggie and vegan options that are very tasty!

This one is also from Fresh In The Box. Some of the most amazing tempera vegetables I’ve ever had and a yummy cucumber salad.

This is the Gardein BBQ Chicken Pizza from Green Peas in Culver City. I work near this restaurant and was delighted to know they offer a vegan version of almost everything on the menu from breakfast to pizza!

What I like to call the NOT tuna melt with a side of roasted potatoes also from Green Peas.

Hope you enjoyed LA’s Vegan Eats!


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