Happy Halloween Bat Tee Sale!

The spookiest month of the year is approaching and to celebrate all things Halloween we are offering our greater horseshoe bat tee at 15% off! The stylish v neck and soft comfy cotton is a great way to show your Halloween spirit. Features two hanging bats on the front and a bat in flight on the back. Just use the Coupon Code: BattyTee

There are over 70 species of Horseshoe Bats. They get their name because their noses are shaped like a horseshoe, and are used to focus sound when they use echolocation to find food.

The major threat to this animal is habitat loss. Destruction of old pastureland, disturbance of underground habitats, and the loss of roosting sites in buildings and attics in urban areas have resulted in a drastic decline in their numbers. Since this organism eats insects, the use of chemical insecticides has reduced a great deal of their food supply. Greater Horseshoe bats are listed as lower risk by the 200 IUCN  red list. In the UK, they are thought to have declined over 90% over the last 100 years.

Show your support for the greater Horseshoe Bat with this tee. Get yours today!

Offer Ends: Nov. 1st


da da da da….Shark Week!

Look he’s smiling!


In honor of shark week and all things ocean we are donating 15% of all sales of our Great White Shark Tee during shark week to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

100 million sharks are killed each year-by longlines, by “sport” fishermen, or by a barbaric practice known as shark finning. Hooked sharks are hauled onto boats; their fins are sliced off while they are still alive. These helpless animals are then tossed back into the ocean where, unable to swim without their fins, they sink towards the bottom and die an agonizing death.

With 90% of the world’s large shark populations already wiped out, sharks are being depleted faster than they can reproduce. This threatens the stability of marine ecosystems around the world. Sharks are vitally important apex predators. They have shaped marine life in the oceans for over 400 million years and are essential to the health of the planet, and ultimately to the survival of mankind. Sea Shepherd patrols marine protected areas, exposing the corruption that drives this multi-billion dollar industry and directly intervening to stop the brutal slaughter of sharks. ~courtesy of Sea Shepherd



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  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in Los Angeles
  • Available in relaxed or slim fit
  • Sizes: S-XL

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The Journey of a T shirt: Patterns


Believe it or not, all garments start out as a sheet of paper. Well… maybe there is a little more to it than that. In fact, patterns are possibly the most important step to making a nice fitting garment. Requiring a good amount of math and some trial and error, patterns can sometimes be a lengthy step during the production process. Luckily I know a good pattern maker. I call her Mom.

One big change that is coming with the new line of tees is the shape and fit. Not only do we want to convey an animal rights message in our shirts, but we want them to feel amazingly comfortable as well. We focused particularly on the women’s shirt, as we feel it was being ignored and looked suspiciously like our men’s cut. This is where the importance of pattern making comes in and making sure the information on the patterns are correct. Like a blue print for clothes, patterns tell both cutter and sewer how the garment is to be made. Our new patterns have been completed, and now it is time for the next stop in the journey of a t-shirt.

COMING SOON: Journey of a t-shirt: Grading and Marking

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The Journey of a T-shirt.

It is probably safe to say that over the years the t-shirt has become an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. There is a universal love for this simple garment that can not be denied. While the t-shirt love is felt world-wide, hardly any of us know the long and sometimes arduous journey it goes through to get into our hands.

We are now in the process of creating new t-shirts and I thought what better way to show the journey of a t-shirt then to document it first hand so, over the next few weeks that’s exactly what we are going to do. Stay tuned, because the story of the our tee is about to begin!

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We are having a SALE!!

All adult endangered tees are now $25 or less!!

All children endangered tees are now $15!

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North American Honey Bee Tee: Mens sizes S-XL $25


Panther Chameleon Tee: Mens Sizes S-XL $25

Elephant V-Neck: Mens Sizes S-XL $16


Bat V-Neck Tee: Mens Sizes S-XL $18


Philippine Tarsier Tee: Womens Sizes S-L $25


Hummingbird Tee: Womens Sizes S-L $16


Hawaiian Monk Seal Tank: Womens Sizes S-M $18


Bamboo Panda Tank: Womens Size S-L $25


Amur Leopard Tee:Childrens Sizes 2/3- 4/5 $15

Orangutan Tee:Childrens Sizes 2/3- 4/5 $15


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Rare Tee will participate in Febuary’s Downtown Art Park!

The Downtown Art Park is put on by Citizen LA and is located at the corner of 4th and main in downtown Los Angeles. This event takes place every second Thursday of the month. Downtown Art Park is complied of artists, live music, performers, vendors, designers, food, and tons of shopping.  The Art Park brings an estimated 20,00 people each month. It is free to the public and is definitely a must for any local, tourist, or passerby. Starting at 3pm and ending at 10pm, this event is a hip and fun way to spend a Thursday evening in LA.


Rare Tee will be at the next Downtown Art Park on Feb. 10th. We will have booth on the lower courtyard across form the seating area. We will of course be offering our Endangered tees, but at a $10 OFF discount!!! We will be introducing our tote bags and some pieces of jewelry. Come find us and check out some of our new products! Again, for every item purchased we will give $1 to Animal Welfare! Be Kind To Our Animal Friends!!


Tote Bags Coming Soon!

Soon we will be introducing tote bags!

Made from 100% cotton, these bags are durable, strong and ready to carry your “stuff.” Each bag has four convenient front pockets that will easily fit your phone, mp3 player…or even a little snack. They come in a variety of five different colors and animal prints. They are reversible , hand washable, and come with an extra button on the inside. (just in case!) There’s a style for everyone! Find one to compliment your rare tee !!




Grey Safari Tote


Black Frog Tote


Brown/Green Fishy Tote


Ice Blue Penguin Tote


Camo Spider Tote


Be on the look out for these wild and funky bags!!  And remember most importantly  $1 for every purchase will go to Animal Welfare!! Be kind to our animal friends!!


Rare Tee Goes to Animal Acres

Lunch time for the goats and sheep

Last weekend we took a trip to Animal Acres. This lovely sanctuary is nestled in the canyons in Acton, CA. Just located an hour outside of Los Angeles, makes Animal Acres the perfect day trip! The sanctuary is a refuge for rescued farm animals. Since founded by Lorri Houston, Animal Acres has saved thousands of animals from unimaginable cruelties.  Pigs, cows, horses, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, and ducks all greet you when visiting the farm. They offer tours to the public every Sunday at 11:00am and 1:00pm. Every Saturday of the month is volunteer day staring at 10:00am, with the next one on Feb. 5th. (We Will Be There!)

Our tour started with the piggies. Most of them were napping since it was the afternoon, but we were happy  to capture these precious giants in their slumber. The tour guides will explain to visitors where all their rescued friends come from, and are more than happy to answer any questions you have.  Most of their pigs are rescued from 4-H projects or gestation crates, but are full of personality and a little sassy too!

Feeding a Turkey

Next stop on our tour was the courtyard, where the chickens, turkeys, and ducks explore the grounds looking for snacks and and soak up some sun.The turkeys seemed to be a little more shy than the other birds, but we they weren’t too shy to snatch a piece of lettuce out of our hands! These shy and sensitive little guys would have been someones Thanksgiving dinner if it weren’t for the sanctuary.


After leaving the courtyard we headed over to where the horses stay. Some of them were so eager to say hi, they stuck heads right over the fence as we approached them. They loved a good head scratching!  A couple of the horses were rescued from private butchers and slaughter, (even though it is illegal in the US to slaughter a horse for meat) while others were neglected and left to starve. Thanks to Animals Acres they can now  run freely and continue to enjoy greeting visitors.

Punky Doodle

The cows were next. This was probably the most informative part of the tour. This is were you learn that different cows are bred for different things. There is beef cattle. (bred to be thick and stalky  to be slaughtered for food) There are dairy cows. (bred to be tall so the miking machines can fit under them, and forced to be pregnant to keep producing milk. )  At Animal Acres these rescued cows can live out their days munching on straw and lying on the cool grass.

Smile for the camera!

Last, but most certainly not least on the tour were the goats and sheep. Animals Acres is home to quite a few rescued goats and sheep, and they are full of personality! Some were more shy then others, but they were all curious. Some of the goats were rescued from slaughter, and some sheep were rescued from the hidden horrors of the wool industry. They love to have their ears scratched and loved to be hugged. A couple of the pygmy goats were so cuddly they didn’t want us to leave!

Snuggle time

They except donations after the tour and you can visit their gift shop that has cute t-shirts and other cruelty free items.  For $25 you can become a member for a year and get to tour the sanctuary any Sunday for free! Rare Tee wants to give a HUGE Thank You to Animals Acres and all its volunteers for welcoming us. Thank You for your  continuing efforts to rescue helpless animals and educating the public on how important EVERY life is.  Animal Acres teaches us that every animal is an individual with the right to live!


For more information check out their site!


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Design with Thought…


"Tree of Life"

The word design really has no true definition. It seems that for each of us, the word “design” has personal meaning; whether it’s fashion, architecture, or home décor. The desire to create something that is not only functional, but also beautiful exists in every designer.

When creating a design for a shirt, a great deal of thought is used. Besides choosing the colors and design elements, it’s the message of the design that is most important. Over the years garments, mostly t shirts, have become billboards for the body. Some shirts are advertisements for businesses, some tell jokes, and some make a political statement. Regardless of which shirt one might choose to wear, each is a moving canvas and says a lot about the person inside it. We are utilizing these new found canvases to “paint” our message for all to see.

Rare Tee uses only images to create its message. We want to show everyone that each animal species on earth is wonderful and unique in its own right……no words are necessary. We want you to see the beauty of every animal, even in the most urban cities where we tend to forget these wonderful creatures even exist. So that everyone is reminded that each species has the right to survive, live well, and to be treated with care and respect.



“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”



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